Metallized Polyester Capacitors

10k/400v dc axial m poly yellow

10mfd/100v mpoly22mm f/l

1/100v 5mm black tape

1/100v 5mm m poly camel brown

12/50v 5mm m poly pana

1/50v mpoly pana t/l 5mm



1.5/400v 20mm

1. 5/400v 27mmf/l m poly

1. 5/400vdc 27mm f/l vishay blue

15/63v dc 5mm pilkor orange tape

15k/1600v dc 15mm orange pilko

15k Dc 22. 5mm pilk loo

1/630v dc m poly blue loo

1/630v m poly 1k/2kv dc 15mm pilko orange loo

1k5/100v 5mm m poly green tape

1k6/1600v m poly panasoni

1k8/100v 5mm mpoly hjc

1mfd/250vdc 22mm c/l panasonic

1mfd/450v 15mm m poly

22/250v dc 10mm pilk loo

2.2/275v ac 40mm m poly epco f/l

22/400v dc 22mm mpoly

22/400v dc 27mm f/l m poly

2. 2/400v dc 27mm f/l mpoly epcos

22/630v 20mm m poly

22/63v 5mm orange tape

27/250v mpoly 15mm c/l pana

33/100v 5mm orange pilkor tape

33/250v dc m poly 15mm f/l

33/400v 27mm c/l mpoly hjc

33/63vdc 5mm orange pilkor tape

33k/630v dc 10mm pilko orange loo

39/250v ac 22mm f/l prestige

3k/1600v 22mm c/l m poly hjc

3k3/630v 5mm tape mpoly pana

3k6/2000v 15mm c/l mpoly pana

3k Dc 15mm orange pilkor loo

4/400v dc 27mm m poly vishay

47/630v 20mm m poly

4k7/630v 5mm t/p m poly pana

68/400v m30mm f/l m poly

68k/100v m poly green

68k/450v dc m poly orange

82/250v 15mm c/l m poly

82/250v m poly 15mm c/l green

82k/63v dc 5mm orange pilk tape


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