1n60p Germanium Rectifier Diode

Other details:

  • There are two different diodes available with the part number 1N60P
  • The older type is a germanium point-contact design in a DO-7 glass package and the newer type is a silicon Schottky design in a DO-35 glass package
  • However, the DO-7 package is physically larger than the DO-35
  • However, all diodes have been tested for Vf (forward voltage drop @ 1 mA forward current) and Ir (reverse current @ 5 V reverse voltage)
  • In all cases, Ir was <5uA and the Vf data is presented below
  • However germanium diodes may have significantly higher reverse leakage currents that their silicon equivalents


Model Number 1N60P
Current (Amp) 1Amp


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